silent.js: picking up where grid.js left off

After a user completes checkout, we can finalize their bPerx order

If a user has opted out of the bPerx offer, this script will not do anything.

step one: user data

Use the bperxConfig object to supply the user data needed to complete the order.

The state field prefers two-character abbreviations, such as 'CA', 'AL', etc. If the provided value is longer than expected, silent.js will try to find the correct abbreviation.

    <script type="application/javascript">
        var bperxConfig = {
            email: '',
            name: 'Saul Goodman',
            addr1: '123 Street Name',
            addr2: '', //optional
            city: 'Albuquerque',
            state: 'NM',
            zip: '12345',

            // If true, this flag will automatically load read.js
            read: true

If you want the read.js script to load as soon as possible, just add "read: true" to the bperxConfig object.

Read more about read.js here

step two: load silent.js

With the data configured, all that's left is to load the silent.js script.

silent.js will insert a hidden iframe into your page, and complete the order process. Once completed, users will recieve a receipt email from bPerx.

If any required data is missing, or if the user opted out from the grid selection, then the order will not go through.

<script src=""></script>

What should it look like?

The silent.js script will not change the appearance of any page it is added to. It adds a hidden iframe element to complete the order, which works behind the scenes.